Growing Out Of Touch

by Feeble

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its new!


released December 11, 2019

Mixed And engineered by Eduard Panen at the Spaghetti Shaq HQ
all tracks except track 5 lyrics by Broughnt
Track 5 lyrics by LubLUB
Music by Feeble
Gang vox cred to Seth n Buffy frm SOON, and Adam, Ray, Ed, Pili, and feebs
bells on track 1 was Ed
tambourine on the tracks with tambourine was Ed

Feeble is
Brent- Guitar/vox
Caleb- Guitar/vox
Will-Bass/backup vox


all rights reserved



Feeble Honolulu, Hawaii

Kinda pop punk, not really. Kinda bummed.
4 dudes from Kaneohe, Hawaii Failed Orbit Records.

IG @feebleband


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Track Name: shamowowza
so its true I think about you
every night in my room
its gonna take me all damn day
to get high i cant get high
just keep on smoking in my room
keep on thinking about you

hows your day im stuck at work its such a drag
can you come back
bathroom breaks i check my phone
and hit the pen its only ten
just keep on trying to get high
keep on trying not to die

everything that you want
ill bring to you to show you how i feel

youre stuck at work and
im at home just
pick me upill
get you stoned

ill get you high and you can pick the movie too
Track Name: The Haunting Of Spaghetti Shaq
fuckin up every chance that i get
and i always regret when i cant remember shit that i say
i dont mean to be acting this dramatic
its such a bad habit im running out of words
to say to you
trying not be afraid of you
freaking out and i dont know
what to do
im lucky if even talk next week

growing out of touch with you
feeling down its nothing new
wake up tomorrow regret our tattoos

might as well just stay and keep watching tv
the same shows on repeat and nobody is talking to me
the last weekend had me feeling real shitty
tired of the city i wanna go back home and
smoke with you
i rolled this mad blunt just for two
theres nothing else id really rather do
but you wont answer your my call

i finally figured out whats wrong with you
youre feeling down its nothing new
we wake up tomorrow regret our tattoos
Track Name: Gorilla Glue IV
i dont wanna go i wanna stay inside
and lock myself inside my room
freaking out cause i lost my
sense of time im leaving soon
when will you just go and knock it off

i dont know what i can do or i can say to you
i just cant make up my mind
when its time and i can finally go out side
ill just sit here in my room

its fine so why do you have to lie
im wasting my breathe you cut all our ties
now i just cry no matter how hard i try
dont act like you care about my life
Track Name: Bozo Sushi
alright fine ill come into work today
but if youre there then i dont wanna see your face
or deal with your bitchy attitude
at this point im just being kinda rude

i finally get to go home and smoke the night away
wake up tomorrow and come in thirty minutes late
you say i have a problem but im pretty sure its you
i cant believe this guys still around

i finally get to clock out and go back home
and not have to see your face and
have the same fucking coversation
ill never leave this fucking place
i feel its impossible to leave without
trying to talk to everyone you see

finally get to home and smoke the night away
i dont have to listen to fucking word you say
cause you cant remember if the bowl had ginger
and avocado too if youre asking for my opinion i think
we should fire you cause youre lazy and you dont know
what the fuck you have to do and im just
over all the stupid bullshit you have to put me through
just standing there absent minded handing me
the wrong food running out of stupid excuses
i think youve out lived all your use
Track Name: Stratford
im probably going to sleep in again to be honest
im probably not gonna do the things that i promised
il probably disappoint my mom and dad by finally fucking up
the shitty job i had because i couldnt wake up before 2pm
so i just called in sick instead
i guess tonight ill be getting drunk with my friends

always choose the wrong words to sya when were talking
notice the smile on your face slowly falling
try to tell me its not all that bad but i know once youre gone
there is no coming back and all the memories that
we could have had will have slipped right through my hands
ill always count on nothing ever going as planned

did everything work just the way you thought it
black mold growing in our cock-yard cottage
and on the days when were messed up and fucked up
and someday we dont eat
still miss the way that youd kick and youd whine
til i hold you just right so youd fall asleep

its alright yeah i mean it no its fine
i guess you dont need me
and in a moment ill give it sometime
i will finally see what made you leave

bet it was me
Track Name: Demo $QUAD
its not like you to always be around
for the last month i havent heard a sound
i dont think youre aware im able to hold a coversation
its not like me to be here next to you
where were going i guess is up to you
just tell me where we go to smoke my brains out

i think its better
when im not feeling under the weather
i need space to breath

its kinda funny when you look at me
and im acting like i cant see
i catch your eyes and now im shaking
now were jumping at two different beats
and youre happy but youre not with me
and now weve reached the end to our final scene

i think its better
when i got all my shit together
and i need space to breathe
i cant fucking breath

im losing sleep
see what this does to me
i never leave
what do you expect of me

ill know when its over
when my heads clear and my thoughts are sober
but i need space to breathe
Track Name: Cap n' Holt
you wont reply my eyes stuck to my phone
im too high please dont leave me alone
my head is heavy and im having a hard time trying to sleep
now im mumbling everything cause i dont want you to leave
now im fine im sitting back at home
realize why you arent answering your phone
i just have this feeling in my stomach that makes it
hard for me to breathe i just cant act like it doesnt hurt
hearing about the shit i dont see

dont waste my time

now i have to act like its not hard
being in the same room with you
Track Name: Clingy
i hope we stop talking and my brain just turns to mush
and im selling all my stuff theres no point at all
i could remember all the things you said to me
looking back and memories i shouldnt care at all
getting so tired of always being on my phone
i just wanna be in my bed at home and drink myself to sleep
now im hungry and i dont know what to do about
all the things i think about words just spill out of me

its kinda funny that i need a drink in my hand every night that im out
and all of sudden im feeling stupid in the corner by myself

i wanna go to sleep i need
something to knock me off my feet
drinking everything trying not to fall asleep
phone is dying and im trying not to cause a scene
im overthinking everything that i cant even see

i stay up late with my friends and drink the night away
im finally over getting over all the stupid shit you say
ill smoke more weed til i get numb my feet cant feel the floor
and in the end its all okay and ill go back to sleep
Track Name: don't i know u?
woke up there next to you
you were still sleeping
stick around til the afternoon
its not a big deal i get it
youre leaving

wash the bad taste out of my mouth
drank too much again
and ive been feeling kinda down
like no ones listenin

to me and my dreams
the stars finally align
if youre looking for a sign
that we can be more than mystery
no more silly screens

but all i wanna do is

sleep til 3 between the sheets
no space left in the middle
and hit the beach sand on our feet
watch the sunset burn the sky
you know its true i dont see you
as often as id like
just maybe im not crazy
i wanna be in your life

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